Friday, October 12, 2012

Romance in the Rain: A Seattle Anthology - Released Today!

It's official! Romance in the Rain: A Seattle Anthology, has been released and is available for sale for $2.99 on Amazon: It's been a great collaborate effort to bring this book to fruition. I couldn't be blessed with better critique partners than the five talented ladies in my Rainy Day Writers group, and I'm honored to be part of an anthology that includes them all. I hope you'll enjoy reading our stories, which range from historical to contemporary, and really manage to showcase our different styles, even as they share a common location and all feature members of the same family, the Caldwells. 

The Rainy Day Writers Group.
From left to right: Charlotte Russell (historical romance), Kristine Cayne (romantic suspense), Sherri Shaw (contemporary romance), Clare Tisdale (contemporary romance), Dawn Kravagna (contemporary romance), and Marianne Stillings (usually romantic suspense with a comic touch, but in this anthology she has tried her hand - with great success - at a WWII-era romance).

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