Monday, October 22, 2012

Opening day of Romance in the Rain blog tour!

 Kristine Cayne, author, Rainy Day Writers (RDW) group member and marketing guru extraordinaire.

The blog tour for "Romance in the Rain" started today, with a post by fellow RDW Kristine Cayne at
Kristine is a writer of sexy romantic suspense. She is also the RDW e-marketing and e-publishing guru and has fearlessly led the rest of us into the exciting new world of e-publishing. Kristine is so active on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and email--as well as writing books at lightning speed and caring for two kids and one husband--that I am beginning to suspect she may be a vampire who never sleeps.
Kristine's Deadly Obsession series, volumes one and two, are available on Amazon, Amazon (print)B&NSmashwords, ARe, and Kobo. 
If you want to follow the blog tour for "Romance in the Rain," all the dates and links are posted on the homepage of the RDW website:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Romance in the Rain: A Seattle Anthology - Released Today!

It's official! Romance in the Rain: A Seattle Anthology, has been released and is available for sale for $2.99 on Amazon: It's been a great collaborate effort to bring this book to fruition. I couldn't be blessed with better critique partners than the five talented ladies in my Rainy Day Writers group, and I'm honored to be part of an anthology that includes them all. I hope you'll enjoy reading our stories, which range from historical to contemporary, and really manage to showcase our different styles, even as they share a common location and all feature members of the same family, the Caldwells. 

The Rainy Day Writers Group.
From left to right: Charlotte Russell (historical romance), Kristine Cayne (romantic suspense), Sherri Shaw (contemporary romance), Clare Tisdale (contemporary romance), Dawn Kravagna (contemporary romance), and Marianne Stillings (usually romantic suspense with a comic touch, but in this anthology she has tried her hand - with great success - at a WWII-era romance).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Anthology Book Release!

I am excited to announce that my short story, "Shelter From the Storm," will be published October 6, 2012, as part of an e-book anthology titled "Romance In the Rain." The anthology features six unique yet entertwined stories, each written by a member of the Rainy Day Writers group, of which I am a member. I'll be profiling members of the group on this blog in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Denouement: noun
1. the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot, as of a drama or novel.
2. the place in the plot at which this occurs.
3. the outcome or resolution of a doubtful series of occurrences.
(definitions courtesy of

Is a denouement ever a true ending, in life or in art? Isn't every ending really just a new beginning? I like to think of the period following a denouement as a breath, a moment in time to regroup and regather before launching into the next chapter.

We all need these moments of downtime. We need them in our daily lives. We have a cup of tea, take a walk, or a smoke break, to decompress and gather energy for the next task.

We need them in our writing. A pause in the action helps everyone clarify what has come before, and gear up for more excitement and drama to come.

The pause between moments of action is also essential in visual art. Our eyes find it hard to wade through a mass of visual stimuli. Blank spaces on the canvas, a stretch of blue sky in a photograph: these resting places are pleasing to our senses. They give our minds a space to wander, and wonder, in.

Now that the free download period for "Falling Angel" is over, I'm taking a break to assess the promotion and figure out where to go from here. One thing I'm pleased about is that last night I was able to figure out how to download the book, reformat it and re-upload it to the Amazon website, so it should now be much easier for readers to read. Basically, I made the spacing between the words more uniform.

The spacing in between things is so important, don't you think?