Friday, April 6, 2012

Free Books! Free Books!

The Kindle select program gives authors the opportunity to offer their books free for five days during the first 90 days of publication. That is why "Falling Angel" is being offered FREE on Amazon Kindle April 6-10, 2012 only! Download it at:

When Cara meets handsome, fiercely independent artist Ben Kilpatrick, she has to decide whether to follow her head and stay away, or risk heartbreak. New release, not yet rated.

I’m hoping this free five-day giveaway of “Falling Angel” will give readers a chance to get to know my writing style. I have two other romance novels waiting in the wings, and depending on the reception I receive with "Falling Angel," I may release them separately in the coming year.

Thanks to everyone who downloads "Falling Angel" and takes a chance on a newly e-pubbed no-name writer!

And especially thanks to those of you who take the time to write a review on Amazon.

By the way, the free promo is going to be featured on my friend and fellow writer Kristine Cayne's blog over the weekend.

Kristine writes romantic suspense and she has one book out and another slated for release April 23. Check her out at

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